Contact Blue Fish Canada / Poisson Bleu Canada

Our office is located in Ottawa Ontario. However, our initiatives extend throughout Canada, including Quebec and Nunavut.

Mailing Address and Office Location:
230 Blackburn Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1N 8A8
Telephone: 613-232-2028

Staff Contact Info:
Lawrence Gunther, Project Director
Tel: 613-232-2028

Anne Melrose, Coordinator, Finance & Administration

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  1.  by  Mohammed Ali


    My family owns about 1 km of shoreline frontage in the kawarthas. We are interested in learning about how we can contribute to shore-line restoration, spawning bed development and fish habitat creation.

    Thank you,
    Mohammed Ali

  2.  by

    This Fish’n Canada episode takes Angelo Viola to Lac la Biche in Northern Alberta, where he teams up with fishing guide Ray Kohlruss to target some Big Northern Pike.

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