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Blue Fish News – October 12, 2021

TAKE NOTE – October 14 Webinar on “Effects of toxic substances on Great Lakes fish health, and what it means for the health and wellbeing of people and their communities”

The Toxics-Free Great Lakes Binational Network, Blue Fish Canada and the Great Lakes Fish Health Network invite you to a binational webinar on the impacts of toxic substances on the health of Great Lakes fish. Learn about past and emerging toxic substances in the Great Lakes basin, how fish health is being impacted, and what this means for human health, indigenous cultures, and the social and economic sustainability of Great Lakes communities. The webinar will engage viewers by seeking input on what federal, state, provincial and other governments need to do. Continue

Register now to hear our three guest presenters, and to make your views known!

In this October 12, 2021 issue of the Blue Fish Canada News we begin with a focus on Canada’s commitment to protect 30% of our oceans, lands and freshwater as part of the push to create Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas to advance reconciliation through the “land back” movement. We include links and summaries to timely fishing, fish health, water quality and other news, and close with a spotlight guest resource from the International Game Fish Association on negotiating protection agreements.

More about Blue Fish Canada’s mandate and programs with President Lawrence Gunther

Blue Fish Canada 2021 Priorities

You know about the work of the charity Blue Fish Canada. There is a good chance you have even benefited personally, if not indirectly. We are not finished – there is still more work to do.

Urban Fishing Access: With your support we will be able to move to the next phase of our Urban Fishing Initiative. This includes consulting with stakeholders over what an urban fishing node should include, and selecting urban fishing sites to be enhanced. It also includes monitoring development and documenting the process to share with urban communities across Canada. Donate to Blue Fish Canada today so urban youth have access to quality urban fishing locations to ensure they too can form a personal bond with nature.

Fish Health: Blue Fish Canada has already conducted extensive stakeholder consultations, and has established the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Fish Health Network. Ensuring fish health is a priority when government’s develop water quality programs and policies is the next step. Your support is needed for Blue Fish Canada to ensure the voice of anglers is represented when decisions are taken about the $8-billion Great Lakes recreational fishery – please donate today.

Youth Engagement: Blue Fish Canada continues to partner with organizations such as aquariums, riverkeepers, Earth Rangers and others to inform and inspire youth to learn to fish. Please donate today so Blue Fish Canada can continue to Deliver quality science-based multi-media content showcasing angling best practices.

Citizen Science: angler apps are playing an increasingly prominent role in supporting fish health research, conducting sustainable competitive tournament fishing events, and could someday be used to manage recreational fishing pressure. Blue Fish Canada requires your support to continue to Promote the use of quality fishing apps that reflect Canada’s diversity and geography, and to monitor angler access if such apps should evolve into a regulatory tool. Watch for an article in the next edition of Outdoor Canada on this topic penned by Blue Fish President Lawrence Gunther.

Stewardship: Last but certainly not least are our flagship communication tools The Blue Fish Radio Show, the Blue Fish News, and our Blue Fish Stewardship Tips. We know how much these resources mean to you to keep informed about recreational fishing and fish health issues and best practices. Maintaining these resources is only possible with your donations.

Donate: Please make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly donation plan of $5, $10 or You’re your support is essential to ensuring the voice of anglers is respected as stewards of the resource. Please donate today.

Yours Truly,
Lawrence Gunther Euteneier M.E.S. M.S.M.
President Blue Fish Canada
Twitter: @BlueFishnews

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Blue Fish Canada is a grassroots charity dedicated to protecting the health and future of Canada’s water and wild fish stocks.

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