Urban Fishing Nodes

Blue Fish Canada, in partnership with governments and stakeholders, is facilitating the development of public access nodes to rivers, lakes and coastlines so youth and others can connect with nature in ways that are respectful, responsible and sustainable. By enhancing shoreline interactions such as fishing, the physical and mental health of youth is improved, and values associated with a healthy and thriving planet are strengthened.

Many Canadian urban spaces have rivers, embayment’s, lakes and coastal shoreline within their City limits. Many of the City’s parks and green spaces that border these water features already include trails, bicycle paths, public access to beaches, and locations to launch personal watercraft. What are missing are areas that facilitate direct public access to natural shorelines by people – young and old.

Blue Fish Canada works with municipalities and stakeholders to provide safe and accessible shoreline access nodes throughout their urban spaces that allow citizens, tourists and indigenous People to directly experience nature through activities such as exploration and fishing.

Blue Fish Canada follows the following steps to assist communities to establish urban fishing nodes:

  • Comparable fishing nodes in your region are identified and their best practices and lessons are documented and shared.
  • Unofficial shore access locations currently being utilized by the public are identified and assessed for adoption as future access nodes.
  • A public consultation process is held to engage stakeholders to consider planning, developing and implementing shoreline access nodes.
  • An advisory committee is established to work with the City, NCC and stakeholders on the development and implementation of access nodes.
  • Reports on consultation findings and recommended next steps are prepared and shared.
  • A 3-year implementation plan is developed and circulated, and support for the program from government officials and stakeholders is secured.
  • Partnerships are established with stakeholders to implement regular shoreline clean-up initiatives, fishing line recycling stations, and education sessions are established.
  • Marketing materials are developed and shared announcing the Locations of newly developed shoreline nodes for inclusion in tourism and other promotional materials.
  • Instructional / exploration events are organized for Youth to learn from volunteer experts about how to responsibly, sustainably and successfully fish.

If your community is interested in exploring whether shoreline fishing nodes are something of interest, please contact Blue Fish Canada at:

Email: Director@BlueFishCanada.Ca
Phone: 613-232-2028