Blue Fish Certified

We at Blue Fish Canada understand that the long-term success of any fishing tourism operation depends on the sustainable management of the resources clients pay for the opportunity to enjoy. Blue Fish Canada has developed guidelines, policies, guide training materials, guest resources, and marketing tools that will ensure your guests experience the best possible opportunities to catch fish both during their visit and for many seasons to come.

Blue Fish Canada consulted with fishing tourism operators and fishing guides to learn from their best practices and lessons learned. The information has been used to ensure our science-based guidelines and experienced-based best practices can be easily integrated into your daily operations. Never-the-less, there’s always room for improvement. Your feedback and support is essential to ensure Blue Fish Sustainable tools, operating principles and desired outcomes are continuously evolved.

Without doubt, new customers are interested in fishing experiences that are managed in ways that ensure future generations can enjoy as well. Engaging, informing and maintaining each new customer’s trust is just as important to Blue Fish Canada as it is to you.

Blue Fish Canada has a suite of tools and on-line resources that can be customized to meet your regional and operational requirements. Our products cover everything from ensuring guides are informed about the latest sustainable harvesting and catch-and-release best practices, to customer pre-visit engagement, on-site resources, and post-visit follow-up. Blue Fish Canada can also assist with marketing by leveraging the Blue Fish brand, our on-line reach, and the endorsement of your operation.

Blue Fish Canada is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the future of fish and recreational fishing. Blue Fish Sustainable Tourism programs are built around the latest science-based sustainable harvesting guidelines and catch-and-release best practices. Blue Fish stewardship partners include many of the largest recreational fishing organizations and outdoor media groups in Canada. The success of these collaborations is built on sharing research and knowledge that informs and inspires anglers, guides, lodge and resort owners, and tournament and conservation directors to be stewards.

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