Fishing Tackle Recycler

Blue Fish Canada is a registered Canadian charity with a mandate that includes water quality, fish health and the future of fishing. A new project being pilot tested involves installing specially designed receptacles at popular boat launches and shore fishing locations for the collection of expired fishing tackle. More specifically, fishing tackle that, if abandoned or inappropriately discarded, could result in harm to either animals or the environment.

The “Fishing Tackle Recyclers” are clearly marked and explain their purpose. Discarded fishing tackle to be collected includes fishing line, soft plastic baits, hooks, lead sinkers and jigs, and plastic straws. The Recyclers are monitored regularly by Blue Fish Canada volunteers, and the discarded fishing tackle collected is recycled or disposed of appropriately.

For more information about the program or to become a partner Fishing Tackle Recycler site, contact:

Phone: 613-232-2028