Feel the Bite!

The following 11 professionally produced interstitials provide real-life experience and advice on how to ensure the future of fish and fishing. Feel free to use these resources to inspire and inform youth and others to become stewards of their water and fish resources. Arrangements can also be made to have someone from Blue Fish Canada present the videos to your group in person.

Contact Blue Fish Canada at:

Email: Director@bluefishcanada.ca
Phone: 613-232-2028

1 Algae and Pesticides
2 All About Lawrence
3 Fish Hatchery
4 Fishing the St. Lawrence River
5 Frogs and Turtles
6 Handlines and Jigs
7 Inner City Ponds
8 Lake Ontario
9 Carp Fishing
10 Scuba Diving
11 Tackle Box Tools