Blue Fish Canada Annual Activity Report 2015-16

May 6, 2015

Attended seminar and exhibits organized by the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Science and Ontario Power Generation in Cornwall. Recorded Volunteers included David Mingie and Lawrence Gunther

May 25, 2015

Organized instructive fishing experience for 48 Ottawa Girl Guides and provided conservation presentation. Volunteers included 12 anglers from the Ottawa Valley South Bassmasters and five Girl Guide leaders. Tackle, prizes and worms were donated by Sail Outdoors. Shoreline clean-up kits and Stewardship brochures were distributed.


May 29-30, 2015

Exhibited and presented at the People in Motion show in Toronto. Volunteers included Jason Cox and Lawrence Gunther. Distributed shoreline clean-up kits and stewardship brochures to the over 10,000 visitors to the show. Spoke on stage both days about fish stewardship

June 25-26, 2015

Thurs-Fri. 24-Hour Fish-a-thon

Organized in partnership with the Ottawa River Keeper and Oziles Marina. Volunteers included eight local anglers and five ORK staff. CBC radio joined us on board for the first session, and CTV Morning news for the second day.

Fished for 24-hours straight. There were six segments – each lasting about 4 hours. The goal was to catch and release as many different species of fish as possible within city limits in the Ottawa River.

April-May 2016

Aquahacking App Development

BFC teamed up with three coders from Ottawa University to prepare a phone app that would assist anglers and researchers to track fish health. The app was entered into the Aquahacking event organized by Ottawa River Keeper. A total of 80 hours were donated by the four developers to build the app at no cost.

June 2016

Launch of New BFC Website,

A new website was developed and launched in June 2015.

Feb 18-21 2016

Ottawa Boat and Sportsman Show (4 days)

Organized the Anglers’ Village involving five area fishing clubs with Blue Fish Canada as the central exhibiter.

The 20’x40’ space was donated.

Volunteers included four volunteers that staffed the Blue Fish booth, (Jason Cox, Scott Campbell, Lilly Euteneier, Lawrence Gunther), and another 35 volunteers involved with staffing the club tables that made up the Village. Provided one seminar on stage.

The Ottawa Sun paper and the Renegade Bass Radio show provided media coverage.

Organized a rod-reel prize for visitors who made donations to BFC.

Stewardship brochures, clean-up kits and autograph cards were distributed to the over 22,000 show visitors.

March 14-21 2016

Toronto Sportsman Show (five days)

Exhibited at the Show over five days. Arrived in Toronto two days prior to the show start date to set up the 20’x50’ exhibit space generously provided by Show organizers at no cost. Volunteers included three individuals (Scott Campbell, Gary Morissy, and Lawrence Gunther).

Spoke on stage on five occasions (five days) for 25 minutes each time about fish stewardship. Distributed clean-up kits, stewardship materials and autograph cards. Continued the rod-reel prize for visitors who made donations. Media coverage included featured coverage by show organizers in their media materials.

March 2016

Blue Fish Stewardship Tips

Blue Fish Radio has produced a series of 20 Blue Fish Canada Stewardship Tips for radio that are 2-minutes in length. The tips are being incorporated into programming by the “Urban Angle” and Blue Fish Radio podcasts, and are being used by WRVO Outdoor Radio as PSA’s.


Total number of volunteers = 45
Total number of seminars = 8
Total number of show days exhibited = 11
Total number of shoreline clean-up kits distributed = 1,400
Total number of Stewardship Training Guides distributed = 800