Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto couldn’t be more centrally located just steps away from Lake Ontario. An, out of respect for their regional fish, the exhibits start with a full complement of amazing fish specimens that make the Great Lakes their home. Further along a things just get more exciting with glass tubes to pass through with all manner of marine animals swimming overhead. Our goal in visiting the aquarium however, was to go behind the tanks and learn what it takes to keep an aquarium with 10-million liters of water and countless fish thriving.

With my two youngest in tow – the ten year old having plans to become a marine biologist, and my wife snapping photos, we got our chance to get behind the tanks. We truly learned a lot. There wasn’t a question our wonderful guide Sarah wasn’t able to answer, and we throughout some tough ones, or more like my budding biologist did.

This aquarium may operate as a for-profit facility, but it still gives back to conservation programs. It also includes lots of important information about how to harvest fish sustainably, and how to choose fish based on sustainable harvesting practices.

Listen live to our behind the scene tour of the Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium

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