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lawrence-kids-in-front-of-shed-aquariumTo help protect wild animals and their habitats, scientists from Shedd’s Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research are engaged in projects halfway around the globe — and in their own backyard, the Great Lakes. But you don’t need waders, scuba gear, or data sheets to be a conservationist. Shedd’s conservation and sustainability programs also invite guests and citizen scientists from all walks of life to get informed and get involved to make a difference for animals.

Lawrence Gunther conducted a two-part Blue Fish podcast interview with Dr. Solomon David, a senior researcher at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Part one focused on important research on Lake Michigan and the Lake Trout, Chinook Salmon and Spotted Gar populations, and how it’s helping to change attitudes about some of these previously maligned fish species. The second part of Lawrence’s interview with Dr David covers research being carried out jointly with its partners concerning Northern Pike, Whitefish and Lake Sturgeon, and why conserving apex predators such as these is crucial to the overall health of aquatic ecosystems.


Listen to Blue Fish podcast “SHEDD Aquarium Part 1-of-3 with Dr. Solomon David”


Listen to Blue Fish podcast “SHEDD Aquarium Part 2-of-3 with Dr. Solomon David”

20150701_130506We also hear about the Shedd’s new Great Lakes Fish Finder interactive field guide. It allows anglers to look up and identify fishes, submit sightings and join a community of Great Lakes enthusiasts to help you classify your finds. More on this app can be found at:

20150701_125714Lawrence also had the pleasure of interviewing Chuck Knapp, VP of Research and Conservation at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Chuck’s career has seen him occupy a number of positions within the Shed, and he speaks to me about the important role aquariums serve in ensuring the public’s engagement. He’s certainly a brilliant example of how engaging young potential scientists at an early age can help shape them to become leaders in the field of aquatic stewardship. Its people like Chuck that are transforming institutions into active promoters of global aquatic preservation.

Listen to Blue Fish podcast “SHEDD Aquarium Part 3-of-3” for the interview with Chuck Knapp

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