Blue Fish News – May 31, 2020

In this May 31 2020 issue of the Blue Fish Canada News we thought the time was right to pay homage to the ultimate shore fishing experience, Common Carp. Now’s the time to get out there and intercept these shoals of bruans that make their annual spring appearance.

This week’s Blue Fish Canada News also includes:

  • Live coverage, interviews and resources designed to fire up your Carp fishing engine;
  • Links to timely fishing, fish health, water quality and other news; and
  • Blue Fish Canada Carp Fishing Best Practices.

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Editor Lawrence Gunther aboard his ranger Fisherman holding a 25lb Common Carp caught on a Senko while flipping pads for bass

Canada’s World-Class Carp Fishing

As the water begins warming Common Carp move into the shallows to feed and spawn – not simultaneously, but the point is they make their appearance. Brought to Canada in the early 1900’s from Eastern Europe as a “comfort food” their status in North America has long since transitioned from “invader” to that of “sportfish”? Well maybe not sportfish yet, but if what happened in Europe makes it over to this side of the pond, these fish might just someday become regarded as a truly prize catch.

Our friends at Fish’n Canada believe in carp fishing so much they bought the business. In 2018 they began hosting the FNC Carp Cup, and in 2019 Blue Fish Radio was on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to speak with the different teams competing in the grueling weekend-long tournament:

A big issue many believe to be slowing the growth of carp fishing in Ontario is the inability of anglers to use multiple fishing lines such as the case in the U.S. and Europe. Blue Fish Radio spoke with Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, who committed to have this inequity addressed:

I think a big part of the issue behind carp fishing being slow to take off in Canada also has to do with the threat of invasive Bighead and Silver Carp making their way up the Mississippi River and threatening to wreak havoc on the ecosystems within the Great Lakes. While all carp may not be made the same, there’s no doubt that the threat of these filter-feeding disruptors is real as discussed with our friends at Save the River in Clayton NY on this episode of Blue Fish Radio:

The Ontario Federation of Angling and Hunting are also hard at work raising awareness of the danger invasive carp species represent as explained by one of their campaigners on Blue Fish Radio:

If you want to learn about the basics and more advanced techniques and equipment commonly used by carp anglers, this on-line resource full of great articles featuring one of the greats in the carp fishing world, Jeff Vaughan , were written especially for carp fishing in Ontario:

It’s a good time to go carp fishing with your family, those your sheltering with, or a fishing buddy that you can count on to adhere to social distancing. Shorelines provide ample space to spread out, and once you get set up, it’s pretty much wait-and-see. Early mornings and later in the afternoon are generally your best bites, but mid-day can provide steady action as well. So, pack up your kit, some food and drink, and your favorite outdoor chair and go fish. For tips on where, visit Carp Anglers Group Ontario on Facebook and the folks there will be happy to offer advice.

Fishing, fish Health and Water Quality News


Salmon closures announced for Skeena and Nass watersheds —| Smithers Interior News
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced widespread closures to recreational salmon fishing affecting all fresh water areas of the North Coast. The notice expands on the May 21 chinook ban throughout Skeena watershed.

Lake Superior anglers are asked to avoid the overharvest of steelhead — Duluth News Tribune
As Lake Superior gradually warms up this spring and the fishing heats up, fisheries biologists are asking anglers to pay closer attention to their catch. Steelhead/rainbow trout and Coho salmon are cousins of a sort, both in the Salmonidae family, but conservation measures in place for Steelhead means knowing which-is-which is important. . They look close enough alike that some anglers are keeping steelhead to kill and eat thinking they are Coho.

Lake Erie Expected to Provide Great Walleye Fishing this summer — The Fishing Wire
World-class fishing continues to exceed expectations on Lake Erie in 2020, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Walleye harvest rates set records for the second straight year in 2019. Top Lake Erie walleye catch rates from 2019 were in June, July and May, respectively. Numerous large hatches point to an increasingly bright future for Lake Erie.

Pandemic complicates salmon angling in Quebec — Atlantic Salmon Federation
Anglers are experiencing challenges over the Covid-19 restrictions and their impacts on the salmon angling rivers in Quebec.

Indonesian lockdown heralds micro fishing craze — Angling International
A Japanese style of micro fishing has become increasingly popular during the lockdown in Indonesia. Inspired by senior anglers, Budi Wi and Harry Buana, Ispull Micra Fishing Tanago (IMFT), has taken off because it can be carried out close to home in the smaller rivers.

Crappie USA Reschedules Tournaments
The first and largest crappie tournament organization in the world, and the founder of the American Crappie Association, the first and largest association of crappie anglers, has announced new dates for some of its events. Events have been moved back and safety precautions have been put in place, but the tournament group still plans on holding 10 competitions this year.

Competition fishing given go-ahead across England — Angling International
Competition fishing in England can be resumed immediately across all disciplines after Government approval was given this week. Competition anglers are among the sport’s highest spenders and the return of matches will be a welcome boost for the industry. Separate guidelines have been produced for game, coarse and sea angling.

Plea of South African anglers falls on deaf ears as fishing ban remains in force — Angling International
John Pledger is the head of the representative body of anglers across South Africa, and has expressed his disappointment at a lack of response from Government ministers to its plea to allow angling to resume during the COVID-19 crisis. The South African Consolidated Recreation Anglers Association (SACRAA) wrote to six senior politicians, including the head of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, asking them to act now to save many businesses threatened with closure.

Fish Health:

Salmon expected to begin arriving soon at Fraser River landslide — Times Colonist
Parts of a pneumatic fish pump dubbed the salmon cannon have arrived at the site of a massive landslide along British Columbia’s Fraser River. A fish ladder that’s nearly complete would attract salmon, guiding them into a holding pond before they enter the fish pump and tube system that will take them up river and over the slide.

5 Ways Hatchery Fish Hurt Our Wild Salmon — Skeena Wild Video
Large scale hatcheries may seem like an easy answer to dwindling fish stocks; however, new research shows that they tend to do more harm than good. There is limited food out in the ocean – especially in recent years due to warming ocean temperatures – and with billions of hatchery fish entering the ocean every year from large production hatcheries, they compete with wild salmon for limited food. But small, community hatcheries have less impact and can be important for restoration of individual stocks.

Water Quality:

How the St. Lawrence River’s Ups and Downs Impact Biodiversity — St. Lawrence River Institute
River water level fluctuations are a natural phenomenon that help shape aquatic communities. However, the St Lawrence River (SLR) water levels have been managed for the past 60 years. Join River Institute Research Scientist, Matt Windle, Wednesday June 3 @ 7pm [online], for a talk on what the SLR used to be like and how aquatic life have adapted to the changes over the years. Matt will also discuss his studies to compare the biodiversity of Hoople Bay to other sections of the river that do not experience the same severe water level fluctuations and to track seasonal biodiversity changes.

Remove dam, let St. Croix River run freely, says Fundy Baykeeper — CBC News
With New Brunswick’s Milltown Generating Station no longer viable, decommissioning of the Milltown Generating Station and dam would provide an ecological boost to the St. Croix River and an economic boost to region say Matt Abbott, the Fundy Baykeeper of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.


National Outdoor Groups Release Six “Recreate Responsibly” Tips
A newly formed coalition of outdoor groups has created the Recreate Responsibly initiative to share ways for anglers to stay healthy while enjoying public lands, parks, trails, waters, and other outdoor areas.


New On-Line Resources to Help Canadian Boaters Navigate COVID-19 — Discover Boating Canada
With Canada’s pleasure boating restrictions being lifted and the season ramping up, has launched two new pages to help Canadian boaters find the latest information on enjoying boating while navigating COVID-19 guidelines.

Boating During COVID-19 features guidelines set by Transport Canada and includes helpful, printable infographics for NMMA Canada members to use in their businesses and share with customers.

Coronavirus and Boat Shopping: What You Should Know provides Canadians comprehensive insights into buying a boat during this time, from scheduling appointments and closing the deal, to service and support, plus Discover Boating resources to research and shop online.


Locals First – Creating Experiences to Appeal to the Local Market — Free Webinar
On June 3rd, 2020 – 11:00 am EDT catch this webinar geared to tourism / outfitting businesses interested in attracting local customers. Learn how to adjust your product offering and experiences to appeal to local customers (e.g. family, couples, and outdoor adventure, culinary).


In conversation with Robert Bateman on his 90th birthday — The Narwhal
Iconic Canadian artist and naturalist reflects on his life and his work

Blue Fish Canada Common Carp Sustainability Fishing Tips

  1. Rod, reel, line and tackle should be of sufficient strength to control carp properly to avoid over-tiring fish, keep them away from snags, and to prevent fish from breaking off or spooling your reel.
  2. Soak bait such as corn or nuts to ensure bait doesn’t swell in the stomachs of fish.
  3. Use non-offset circle or barbless hooks, or hooks with micro-barbs, to reduce the chance of deep-hooking fish and to minimize hook wounds.
  4. Use smooth leader material or a rubberized coating to prevent injuring fins and scales while playing carp.
  5. Use lead weight release devices to ensure fish don’t become tethered to snags.
  6. Don’t fish along shores or on peers subject to large waves to prevent injuring fish.
  7. Make sure nets and weigh slings are knot-free or rubber and of sufficient size, and ensure fins are flat against the fish’s body when placed in weigh sack.
  8. Keep forceps, needle nose plyers and hook cutters handy to remove hooks quickly, treat hook holes with an appropriate antiseptic, and use unhooking mats to prevent injuries to fish.
  9. Wet unhooking mats and weigh slings prior to use to avoid removing protective slime from fish.
  10. Wet hands and forearms and carry fish by supporting their bodies near the pectoral and anal fins. Be sure not to remove protective slime with your dry clothing.

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